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Prompt #2

This story doesn't have a definitive ending. Despite that, I rather liked it even though I started off agonizing over how much I did not enjoy writing mystery and such. It might or might not get longer.

Additionally, there is implied male/male relationship.


Word Count: 500

Genre: Mystery

Mood: Drama

Characteristic: Bitter

Prompt: Espionage

The sirens shrieked in the darkness of the night. Laboratory 5 had been breached...Collapse )


Prompt #1

It's my first time really writing a creative piece... My friend and I decided to randomly generate a prompt using a generator we created ourselves. And this is what we came up with!


word count: 300

genre: dystopia

mood: tragedy

characteristic: arrogant

prompt: laws & rules

   The house was boarded up, planks of wood forming an X on the door, windows panes shattered and replaced with rotting wood. There were no traces of the previous occupants. The father, gray and eternally tired, never smiling, working from dawn to dusk, was gone. The mother, strained and constantly fretting, with the face of one who had lived too long and seen too much, was gone. The baby, the listless, unsmiling son of two unsmiling people, was gone. Even the cat, always bedraggled and skinny, unfriendly even to those that provided it shelter, was gone. The entire family was gone. All the life that remained in the dinghy house was rats, gray and vicious. Neighbors glanced at the abandoned home with furtive, quick glances, making sure to never linger. They did not wish for the same fate to befall them. Anyone who tried to bring up the subject was hushed into silence. That family was taboo. The State had said, “The blood of traitors must be eradicated,” so it was law. The will of the State was unquestionable.

  The family, drab and gray, unassuming as it was, had had another son, one who was not as plain and washed out as they. He was colorful and boisterous, loud-spoken in his beliefs that everything would be so much better if he were the Führer. He was better than the current Honorable Head of the State, he announced everywhere he went, believing nothing could touch him, that no repercussion would be wrought upon him.

  The State acted quickly and efficiently, not standing for the slightest challenge to their authority and power. The man was brought in and scheduled for death. No trial was needed for such blatant treason. Within days of his brash boasts, his head rolled from the stained stone block as a deathly silent crowd looked on. His blood slowly spread, viscous and gleaming deep red in the sunlight, a warning to any who dared breath a word against the State or its Honorable Head. And gray-colored family, who shared his blood, was dragged to the execution block shortly after. Once again, silent crowds watched as with each thunk of the ax, heads rolled and blood spread. First the baby, uncomprehending of its fate as the parents watched, already dead inside, resigned to their fate. Then the mother, then the father. The pool of wet, slick blood growing ever wide with each thunk against the stone block.

  Now all that remains of that gray-toned family and their colorful son is the ever-fading memory of them and the empty house they left behind, rat infested and rotting.


I have a Tumblr now! It's here~

It seems pretty fun and handy... wasting lots of time on it avoiding my homework :P

Sep. 12th, 2012

Dear Roommate,

F*** you. Seriously. I'm not your maid. Your closet smells like something died in there. You left a bunch of perishables that you promised to at least throw out because you were "in a hurry" since you couldn't pack last night while you were too busy giggling and watching Gossip Girl. And now, I have to bring down something you forgot because your driver can't come up and get it. I'm not your slave and I'm not your maid. You're lucky I'm not the type of person who just says "screw you." At this point, I dearly wish I was.

I F***ing Hate You
I'm considering starting a Tumblr. Any one have one and can tell me how it is? I'm rather late on the trend... but meh. People have told me it's just a bunch of reblogging, but I thought it was a bit like livejournal?
Poll #1865702 Tumblr or Not?

How is Tumblr and should I get one?

It's good. Get one!
Sucks. Not worth the trouble.
I don't have one, so no idea.
It's meh. Up to you.

Please leave any comments or suggestions you might have... 

On the other hand, one final down and one to go! I can't wait to go home! Totally not looking forward to packing up my dorm room and having to sort what can be brought home through plane and what can't though...


Dear Roommate,

Thanks for kicking me out of the room in the middle of the day because you want to sleep and loud typing bothers you. Who is the one who wakes up when your phone rings at 8AM on Saturday?

Really Getting Pissed


I think this is the first time I've ever posted an image of myself to LiveJournal... but I guess in response to fyredance's challenge. This is me in my current state, no changing my clothing or putting on any makeup.
 The sunlight is super unflattering on my image... And this is how I look during midterm weeks, exceedingly unhappy. Yup!



I'm freezing to death. Dorm rooms are not made to be pulling all nighters in...

Feb. 20th, 2012

I never thought I would see it outside of animes/mangas and Japanese dramas, but the other day I saw a bunch of Japanese in high school uniforms. I saw the boys first and thought 'oh, a huge group of Asian people from the business school,' but then I saw the girls posing for a photo in front of the Bruin Bear and was like 'nvm... Japanese high school.' How very strange though! Wonder what they're doing on the UCLA campus? Weird place to visit when going on a field trip to America... It was definitely fascinating. I would've taken a photo except that I felt weird taking photos of people without asking. D: Ah well.


Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Year of the Dragon~!

Now off to do math... T_T